Wondering what to expect and where to begin?  Well, the hard part is complete you have found a Real Estate Team who cares about you and your needs!

Here is an overview of what to expect on your home buying journey.

Working for you FOR FREE!

Our services as a buyers agent cost you NOTHING.  When a house is purchased  our commission is split from the sellers listing broker and that is how we get paid. We work FOR YOU and since it cost you nothing, get an expert on your side!

The following is a guide for first time buyers, if you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to call us on our cell phone 7 days a week at 214-205-6454.  Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you in the near future!

Step 1.  Applying for a loan thru a Mortgage Company

Finding the right loan and lender is crucial to your home buying success.

It’s up to you to determine which lender is best for your needs. Here are a few recommendations of mortgage companies you can contact. CLICK HERE FOR LOAN INFORMATION & CONTACTS!

Step 2.  Determine Your Wants and Needs

Buying a home isn’t as difficult as you might think, even if you have limited funds. The process can be much smoother if you familiarize yourself  with the current real estate market and narrow down your criteria prior to beginning your search.  Identify what areas of town would you like to live?  Is there a certain school district you need to stay in?  How many rooms does your pictured home have? What types of amenities would you like?

Step 3.    House Hunting

After you have determined what type of housing and how much you would like to invest. We, as your agents will search the MLS and talk to other area Real Estate Professionals to see what is available on the market that meets your needs.

We will then email you the list of properties for your review.  After reviewing please forward the list of properties you are most interested in seeing with the MLS number or address and we will schedule an appointment accordingly . You may also search the MLS yourself to find a home  Click on Search MLS button to the left! 

Step 4.  Writing an Offer

After we have located the perfect property!  We will sit down and write an offer to purchase and also  advise you on possible contingencies used for your protection. We will then perform a comparative market analysis  to advise you on a reasonable initial offer price.  Throughout this process we will explain each section of the purchase contract and structure it to work in your best interest.  

Expect to deposit monies for the Earnest Money ( typically 1% of Purchase price)  and a minimal Option fee (ranging from $100 to $300 ) at the time of writing an offer.

Step 5. Inspections

After the offer has been negotiated and accepted, we will schedule all necessary inspection(s)  of the property.  Upon completion of all inspections your requested repairs will be negotiated.

Don't worry... we will be with you every step of the way throughout the entire buying process!

Step 6. Getting a survey of the property and negotiating a Home Service Contract for you.

When a home is purchased a lender will require a survey of the lot showing what "property" is being sold and the property lines and placement of the house.  If available, the existing survey will be furnished by the seller.  If the seller does not have an existing survey or changes have been made to the property a new survey will be ordered. 

In negotiating the offer for your new home we will request that the seller purchase  a home warranty package at closing for you.  These contracts require a small deductible and will offset "out of pocket" repair expense to you in the first year if they should arise. Different companies offer different protections and we will provide you a list so that you may make an informed decision.

Step 7. Closing

Behind the scenes there are many people working on you and the sellers behalf to complete a smooth transaction.  We will work with  the Loan company, Title company, Inspectors, Agents,  Surveyors, and Appraisers to handle all the details.  It is our job to make sure things go smoothly from contract to closing! 

We will also be with you the whole time to offer guidance and support on making your home buying experience a memorable time.  Please give us a call today and lets begin the journey together!

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