I moved down to Dallas within days of my expected closing date and made arrangements to crash with a friend and her husband until I closed.

Then, the next set of problems started...

The day before my close I received a call from my lender needing to postpone my close for a day. I wouldn't have minded the shift in closing dates if it had only happened once. Over the course of 3 weeks, my date had been moved 8 times. By the end of the 3rd week, I was so stressed out with the instability of the lender and practically being homeless, I called Joseph and told him that I was completely done and that maybe I would try again in a year or two.

Joseph told me that he had been discussing my situation with a collegue at a mortgage lending company and that he promised to have me closed in a week. I responded to Jospeh and told him that he had 7 days, not a single hour more. On the morning of day 2, I received a call from the mortgage company asking me if I could make it to the title company that afternoon to close the house - I said yes, and that very afternoon, I closed.

Had it not been for Joseph having a strong network of peers, I wouldn't have made it through my first home purchase. My house wasn't my dream when I first saw it, but I couldn't imagine having a more perfectly suited first home!! I would and have recommended Joseph to ANYONE looking to purchase a house.

My advice is to find a GOOD Realtor that is knowledgeable of the market, the process, and is well connected with other Realtors & lenders. A good Realtor will be able to find a perfect house for you, even though you might be too stubborn to realize it!

Thanks Joseph!
Joseph was a complete god send for me! Last year, I decided I wanted to move back home from DC to Dallas and I started looking into the real estate market offerings and started to attempt to make contacts with real estate professionals in Dallas. I had never purchased a house before and I had no idea what to do. After searching on the internet for local Dallas mortgage lenders, I found a mortgage company and pre-qualified for my loan, then started looking for realtors.

I called 10 or 12 Realtors, none of which I had any interest in using. Since I was trying to get a house picked out and contracted prior to re-locating, a responsive & knowledgeable Realtor was a must... I stumbled across Joseph's web site a few days later and gave him a call. Instantly, I knew he would be the one! Over the course of two weeks we picked out a good number of residences that were in the area I wanted to live in and within my budget and I scheduled a flight down to see the houses in person. He was always responsive to my communications and made me feel at easy about my cross-country real estate search.
After my trip, I put offers on 2 different houses, none of which had successful contract negotiations. I came back down another weekend to look at additional houses that had came on the market and, after another unsuccessful offer, I was back in DC without any potential contracts. Feeling hopeless, Joseph convinced me to come down one last time to look at the two properties that I axed based on the MLS print outs. He was very positive that one of the houses would fit my needs and have sellers that would negotiate. So, I flew down for another weekend. When we first pulled up to the house, I was honestly not impressed... actually, I believe I remember mumbling "I hate it" - Reluctantly, I told Joseph to put a contract on the house.

The sellers negotiated extremely fairly and a closing date was set. During the wait for the close, the house grew on me to the point I was obsessed.

Dallas Texas Home Buyers
Alan,                          Relocation Buyer from DC
Jamie & Jeff           Sold home and purchased new!
Allen P.
Don & Mike             Sold home and purchased new!
Rick & Chuck           Relocation Buyer from Reno
Michael & David    Sold home and helped relocate!
Dallas Texas home listings
David                                         Michael
Gay dallas texas real estate
Mike                                Don
My experience with Joseph began when I had seen a home I had already
fallen in love with but was extremely unsure of my judgment or the next
step.  Joseph was gracious enough to show me the home and vividly
explain to me the downside
of choosing this home.  He at no point tried to downplay or gloss over
anything to make it more favorable for him as my realtor.

When I saw how detailed he was being about the home and its strengths
and weaknesses, I knew I had found my realtor. During the whole process
of looking at homes, his experience and confidence shone through.  His
expertise and eye for detail raised my confidence to the level of being
able to make a truly smart decision and purchase. 

As it turned out, the first home I saw with Joseph was the one for me.
I am so comfortable in my home, heart and mind.  Thanks to Joseph, I
made a very smart decision which I know I will be pleased with for many
years to come. :) Oscar
Dallas texas hoe for sale
Oscar                      First time Home Buyer!
Joseph was great to work with during our search for a new house.  Coordinating work schedules to do showing isn’t easy, but Joseph always did his best to make himself available when we were.  Finding the perfect house took us a while and we appreciated the time he invested in us, including branching out to other areas of the Metroplex that we hadn’t considered.  You’ll find Joseph fun, friendly and easy to talk to, so much that we have enjoyed his friendship for nearly a year after we found our house.
Gay dallas texas
We would like to highly recommend our realtor, Joseph Hewey, as the Realtor of The Year. We have friends Bill and Darryl who moved from Dallas to Portland and could not say enough good things about when they sold their home in Dallas. So, Joseph was naturally the first realtor that we went to when we arrived in Dallas as total strangers.

My partner, Henry and I have had the utmost respect for Joseph from
the time we met him. He listented carefully to the type of home that
we wanted and always had a great selection of homes for us to look at. This made our decision making process very simple. I believe that we looked at homes for a few weeks and then fell in love with our new home in Dallas. Joseph was so thorough in all that he did for us that while closing on our old  home half way across the country on March 8th, taking a 2 week trip to Myanmar and returning to close on our Dallas home on March 29th was a piece of cake.

We have highly recommended Joseph to all our gay friends that are moving to the Dallas Metroplex. This was the first time we bought a home through a realtor working for gays and it was by far the best experience we have ever had in buying a home.


Ken and Henry
Ken & Henry             Relocation Buyer New York
We sold our Home with Joseph in Richardson, to allow us to transfer to Austin.  With the marketing campaign Joseph put together we recieved 2 offers in record time.  Once Closed Joseph helped us find an Austin Gay agent to help us find the perfect home!  Thanks Joseph,

Michael and David
Chuck and I decided to take a relocation package offered to me by my company.

A friend recommended Joseph as someone who really knows the area, and is a great realtor to work with.

I called Joseph and after finding out what was in our price range and what we though we wanted, he immediately emailed listings to look at several times a week.

On our first visit with only a couple of days to work with he showed us over 25 homes, we selected our favorite and Joseph went to work with his magic. Unfortunately the house we really wanted someone had put an offer on before us.

On our 2nd visit, Joseph showed us another 15+ homes one of which Chuck and I fell in love with. A great 2200 sq ft home, in Plano with a pool/Jacuzzi totally remodeled and in our price range.

After putting the offer on the house, Joseph not only handled all the details he also referred me to a friend Kirk @ CTX mortgage, who was able to get me a better rate than my current pre-approved rate with much better service than I was getting with my current broker.

Bottom line, we bought the house 75,000.00 below it’s value (Instant equity yeah), thanks to Joseph and all his connections and hard work the move went smooth and we are in our dream home and have a handful of new great friends.

PS If you are a poker player make sure you invite Joseph and Chris, easy money!

Rick & Chuck

Joseph Hewey was fabulous to work with!!  We where from out of state looking to buy a second home and had very limited time to find something. Joseph showed us about forty homes or more over two weekends in order to find us just the right one! They where very knowledgable about all the different city's and neighborhoods that we where looking at. Being from out of state we had to do most of are transaction via fax and phone. They keep us in the loop and always promptly returned are phone calls they made sure the whole process went smoothly. Anytime we had questions they had answers for us.  We had to depend on there judgement, expertise and professionalism to help us thought this hole process and fill they truly had are best interest at heart that is why we would recommend Joseph to anyone we know and he will be the first one we call if we ever need there services in the future.

Richard Steinmetz and David Sanchez
Oklahoma City, OK  / Richardson, TX
 dallas gay real estate